The Padule of Fucecchio


The Padule of Fucecchio

The Padule of Fucecchio formed during the historic period owing to the stagnation of waters which came from the mountains of Valdinievole and stopped by the warps of the Arno river. The rnarshing land itself is about 1800 hectares and not deeper than 3 meters , while the whole area is skm 443. The Padule is a very remarkable place where many interventions have altered the original life.

Here, as well as in Le Cerbaie, the flora is the result of cold and warm climate and of a very particular microclimate which favoured the development of these plants, and mostly of sedges, traditionally used far chairs and flasks, substituted today by poorest reed. There are different kinds of sedges which grow like small isles or like floating leaves, water lilies, duckweed and humid meadows; very important are the wood of Chiusi and Paduletta di Ramone near Castelmartini (Larciano) where the cluster pines cohabit with oaks and other rare vegetable species

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