Casabassa - Certaldo
   Near Florence

   Morganti - Gubbio
   Near Perugia

 Agriturismo Boschi di Montecalvi
 LocalitÓ Foreste delle Casette 22
 Tel. 0565 854151
 Fax. 0565 854112
 Mob. 393 9199460

 PiscinaNoleggio Bicilette

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Our farm is surrounded by a fairytale countryside that has remained virtually unchanged over the centuries, a great natural gift setting us apart from the rest and which we feel duty-bound to preserve and safe-guard with care and dedication.
Our philosophy is to blend into this natural paradise with discretion and taste, while guaranteeing every comfort and satisfying even our most demanding guests.
Experience the authentic Tuscany that has inspired people throughout the ages to create art and poetry, awakening in their hearts a love of beauty.

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