Casabassa - Certaldo
   Near Florence

   Morganti - Gubbio
   Near Perugia

 Agriturismo Colle della Ruta
 C.da Colle della Ruta
 Tel. 347-1464544
 Fax. 0873-547510
 Mob. 347-1464544


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We can say that somebody owns an “Agriturismo” only when he is able to put tourists up into his estate, to give them board and lodging using his own foodstuffs, and to organize recreational and cultural activities to keep alive his guest's interest.
Our idea of a real activity “agrituristica” is the ability to create an environment where our guests can be in touch with nature. With us they can wake up at cock-crow, when there are new-laid eggs, while goats are bleating and where they can smell the scent of the land, of the olive-tree and of the flowers.
The purpose we want to achieve is to rescue our guests from stress, helping them to recover their personal balance that is useful if we want to live a quiet and peaceful life. We want to give to our guests the pleasure to eat heartily with wholesome food served by people that love their job.
That's because we think that only who is able to eat healthily can lead an healthy life. That's the reason why we decided to create our own “agriturismo”, but if we really think about it we can notice that the true is different: we didn't create anything. Nature created it!!!.
We are waiting for you.

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