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 Agriturismo Gigliotto di Elio Savoca
 C.da Gigliotto s.s. 117 bis km 60
 Piazza Armerina
 Tel. (+39) 0933 / 970898
 Fax. (+39) 0933 / 970898
 Mob. (+39) 335 / 8380324

 Bedrooms: 14

 RistoranteParcheggio custoditoPiscinaPossibilita' trekking

Surrounded by green hills, not far from the slopes of the volcano Etna, on a marvellous hill hanging between time and space, it rises the Agriturismo Gigliotto, a fief of 300 hectares of fertile lands cultivated following the peasant tradition.Placed in the centre of the land of the sun, on an ideal position for trips to Taormina, Agrigento, Siracusa, Noto and Ragusa Ibla, the Agriturismo boasts surroundings of touristic places largely famous, such as Piazza Armerina with its Villa Imperiale del Casale, Caltagirone, beautiful with its historic town centre and known for the production of majolicas, Morgantina, a greek town with the agorÓ and a wonderful theatre.
The farm-house, an ancient monastery of 1300, develops all around a sicilian court-yard on which 14 confortble rooms and a dining room appear, as a place of magic union between the typical fragrances and flavours of the island cuisine made of biological products, served with wine produced by Nero d'Avola grapes.
Formerly, the ancient territory of Ganzaria was a large, single fief. In 1296, it belonged to Guglielmo Padula. During the Aragon period, the Gravina Family became the new possessor and split it in many parts in order to sell them. In 1794, Michele Gravina sold Gigliotto to Silvio Bonanno. Since then, Gigliotto has always been property of the Bonanno Family. The last invested was Francesco Paolo Bonanno, Prince of Linguaglossa and Baron of Gigliotto. In 1990, the fief was bought by the Savoca Family.

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