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 Agriturismo I CAPITANI
 Bosco Faiano
 Torre le Nocelle
 Tel. 0825 969182
 Fax. 0825 682542
 Mob. 333480975


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In Torre le Nocelle, a small little town in the heart of Irpinia, there has been for over a century the Farm : “I Capitani” belonging to the Cefalo family.
The field was formerly a game reserve of the Prince of the Leonessa , Lord of Montemiletto,and bought in the last twenties by the Cefalo family. Due to its particular and advantageous position that dominates the valley of the river Calore and facing the famed Taurasi, the field was naturally organized to viticulture, greatest pride of these lands.
The founder of the Farm was the grandfather Ciriaco, who had always been fond of the land and its fruits, and he himself obstinately and sweating went on working on the farm, changing the age-old woods in marvellous vineyard. He continued cultivating and looking on the farm facing all the difficulties and never gave up even when the filossera attacked the vineyard.
The vineyard was completely reinstalled, the Farm re- flowered and gained its previous splendour thanks to the work that the numerous sons of the founder had dedicated for over forty years.
Nowadays Ciriaco,the grandson, has continued to work on the original project, bringing the ancient Farm to its former splendour.

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