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 Agriturismo in Toscana Villa Centopino
 Via Centopino
 Montecastelli Pisano
 Tel. (0039)058820428
 Mob. (0039)3335257048

 Bedrooms: 2
 Price: 120-130


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The date of construction of the farm goes back to the late 1857. In early 1900 farm Centopino was sold by Giorgi Cleonte to Pasquale Francioli and Filomena Micheletti. At their death the farm came into an inerhitance to Francioli Gino, father of the current owner Gina Francioli. The oldest document showing the name Centopino is the land of 1427. Here is stated in the summons of this land register: Sustanzie di Paolo di Piero detto Paldozo: "Una vigna in centopino con tera lavoratia staia 1 e casalino di stima lire 40". In 1998 the farm Centopino was reduced to an abandoned ruin and the fields were used for growing grain (corn, wheat, sunflowers). In early 1999 the villa Centopino has been restored in a rustic style by Gina Francioli and Gianfranco Cambi, some of the surrounding areas (clay) once reclaimed has been transformed into beautiful orchards. In the remaining areas 600 plant olive trees have been included, in addition to the few secular olive trees that had survived the frost of 1986. The farm today is a villa in the middle of a green lawn that leads: on the right side to fruit (apple trees, peach, cherry, plum, fig, pear etc. ..) and on the left side a large olive grove. Centopino is one of the 150 farm businesses to be awarded the mark of quality in 2006. The olive oil produced by the family business is classified IGP and the olive oil has acidity less than 1%. The used fertilizers are totally organic, there is also a prohibition in the use of pesticides or chemical poisons, this brings the final product a result of excellence, both good taste and for the natural product. The mark of "Organic Business" which has been obtained by the farm recognises the eco-friendly choice made.

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