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 Al Crepuscolo Agriturismo
 Montefiore n 55
 Tel. 0733850355
 Fax. 0733850355
 Mob. 3480422528


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The farmhouse where the apartments are located and the rooms of agriturism Al Crepuscolo, is an ancient rural building now completely restored.
Intact the original structure and architectural details that characterize the rural hamlets Marchigiani. On the lower floor where there was once a stable and warehouse the apartment there is now "the Sun" with TV room - living room and kitchen. At the top of the staircase that leads in the apartment "the Moon", there is the loggetta typical feature of buildings in the countryside leading to the floor where once lived the family.
The large farmhouse set among olive trees and within the farm specializes in production of oil, is now completely renovated with every comfort, welcomes guests in every season. Each room is furnished with style and attention to every detail. The house is fully air conditioned in summer and winter.
The bathrooms all have shower and bath tub. Kitchen and kitchenette and equipped with everything you need (dishes, plates ..). TV room and reading room.
Lunch and dinner are served on request and reserved for guests of agriturism.
In the agriturism is so much peace and tranquility. A relaxing atmosphere welcomes visitors who can spend days in complete relax.
Al Crepuscolo is located on beautiful rolling hills loved by Giacomo Leopardi. A relaxing destination for those who want to stand and also a strategic place for those who know the territory so rich and varied.
The gaze is lost in the many shades of green and the background reaches Recanati. Just turn the blue and just gets more intense: there the sea.

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