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 Antico Feudo San Giorgio
 C.da San Giorgio S.S. 120, Km 45,990
 Polizzi Generosa
 Tel. +39 0921 600690
 Mob. .+39 333 4214946


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Antico Feudo San Giorgio was set up in 2003 by restoring the 19th century country house of "Fatta della Fratta" family. The farm was been built surrounding a typical Sicilian courtyard, "U' Bagghiu", on the pattern of the fortified "masseria" with pebbled pavement divided in squares. Inside the courtyard, lots of warehouses are currently used as farm holidays guesthouses, thanks to a careful and courageous refurbishment work, that has not changed the original image of the building.
For the perfect climate and soil features, San Giorgio has always been devoted to the crop of hard wheat and forage, but we also cultivate broad beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, tomatoes, melons, vegetables as well as olives and grapes. In 1994 we started the conversion of the farm to organic cultivations under the supervision of Italian agriculture ministry. Today we produce only with organic method.
We produce hard wheat, olive oil, grapes, red and white wine, vegetables.

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