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 Bio-Agriturismo Rio Chiaro
 C.da Piangiano, 26
 Tel. +39 0733 561237

 Bedrooms: 2

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What is agriturismo and what is bio-agriturismo?
Agriturismo is a style of vacation in which hospitality is offered on farms. For more information go here.
Bio-agriturismo is agriturismo with a nice twist. Sensibility towards nature and environmental awareness in addition to certified organic products.
Our farm has been certified organic since 1981. We have over 16 acres of land comprehensive of olive trees, fruit orchard, grain production, arbor cultivation and woods. It is located in the Province of Macerata (Marches region), not far from the City of Treia. Treia has 2500 years of history and proud to be know for its game "gioco del pallone col bracciale" (arm ball game). Click here for more information.
We offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a typical farm house from the Marches region tradition. Surrounded by green, quite environment and totally immerse in nature, our house has been completely beautifully restructured. Our accommodations are two rooms with double beds with the option of an additional bed, bathroom, and our library, TV with video collection, internet connection and separate entrance. We have plenty of outdoor space for resting, playing (soccer, ping-pong, etc.), walking or just relaxing.
Pets are OK if well trained and not aggressive.
One main effort and dedication of Rio Chiaro farm is the implementation of a sustainable, environmental and energetic vision. We banned the use of any type of pesticide, herbicide and chemical fertilizer. We rotate our crop cultivation, recycle and strive for energy conservation for water, city gas and electricity. We truly believe that nature has been a gift given to us and we should return it to future generations in the best condition possible.
Our life style with the complicity of Rio Chiaro (Clear River) and with our neighbor Verdicchio's Farm (certified organic farm also) brought us to become a sanctuary for endangered or almost extinct local animals (birds in particular). In fact our farm is ideal for bird watching along the Rio Chiaro path.

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