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 Bon Tajer
 Loc San Gervasio 112/A
 Tel. 0437 751105

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The "Azienda Agrituristica Bon Tajer" (The "Bon Tajer" Holiday Farm and Restaurant) is located on a beautiful elevation overlooking the Piave Valley. Here every connoisseur of beauty and good food will find what they are looking for.
"Bon Tajer" offers three distinct rewards: location, wonderfully situated near the Dolomites; gastronomy, a traditional cuisine with farm produce and local traditions; and art, a collection of "tajer", wooden chopping boards which have been artistically sculptured and painted by well renowned national and international artists.
The farm is unique in this latter aspect. Since Daniela and Angelo Paganin, the owners, and a group of their friends, organised the competition "Artisti a tavola"(Artists at the Table), and the creation of the first art objects, these have been on show along the walls of the farmhouse. Other regular competitions like "Incontri l'arte al Bon Tajer" (Meet Art at the Bon Tajer) have contributed further works of art to the collection.
There are hundreds of beautiful "tajer" on site, which delight the senses just as much as the splendid food. In fact, fried primroses, carefully home produced cold meats "maltagliati di polenta", gnocchi with smoked ricotta, fried cheeses, mixed meat roasted on spits, and fruit pies can all be savoured here.
Do not worry about overeating: the "witched" milk and the traditional grappa made with local herbs will help with a perfect digestion!
Remember that in May, the blossoming of the nearby Pian de Coltura valley, full of narcissuses, offers an unforgettable experience among the Veneto mountains.

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