Casabassa - Certaldo
   Near Florence

   Morganti - Gubbio
   Near Perugia


Agri - Italia (Agri - Italy) comes from a Hyksos idea of developing a portal to know the world of agriculture. Agriculture means: farms, wine, fruit, olive oil, vegetables, but also a way to approach and learning about italian traditions, culture, cooking and wine. Agri - Italy is the link of italian tourism and italian local products. If you go to a farm accommodation, you have the opportunity to know the real italian rural life and buy wine, local extra virgin olive oil and so on. The agritourism is a good idea to know Italy and the italian life style, hystory, towns, museums.

Website with agritourism outside Italy
France Bienvenue la ferme with many agritourism and restaurants
Spain Rurismo agritourism and farm accomodations
Germany Bauernhofurlaub with 800 agritourism all over the country
Great Britain Farm Stay Many different accomodations, not only agritourism

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