Casabassa - Certaldo
   Near Florence

   Morganti - Gubbio
   Near Perugia

 Fattoria il Noce
 Marroco Borraco
 Tel. 0999734943
 Mob. 3381884429

 Bedrooms: 9
 Price: 30-70

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Born in 1982 by Mr Ugo Arno's will, the "Il Noce" farm began its activity producing red Primitive wine and using grapes coming from its vineyards with biological methods. After a few years it began trasforming its grapes into grape-juice, and having a great success among people, it began the formation and promotion activity of the biological method, till nowdays and it can offer rural hospitality, too.Nowdays the "Il Noce" farm is a tourist farm, it has got a laboratory in which grape-juice, wine and vergine olive oil are produced, thanks to all its activities and production the farm has become a good model of farm so that it is considered among the didactic farms and accommodates, in its structures, the "Puglia Natura" consortium (for the protection and valorization of typical and biological products). It accommodates the "Mondonuovo" association, too. This last association was born as purchasing group and it deals with the promotion and distribution of biological products, of biodynamic products (according to Steiner's method) of typical and equosolid products (coming from the third part of the world) organising a sale shops in the farm.

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