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 Fattorie Poggio Nebbia
 S.S. Aurelia km 84.100 Località Farnesiana
 Tel. 0766841268
 Fax. 0766841268
 Mob. 3389432782

 Bedrooms: 7
 Price: 35-50 €

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Placed downhill the natural park of the Tolfa Mountains, 7 kms away from the Thyrrenian Sea, in the heart of splendid Etruria, Poggio Nebbia Farm since its birth has been committed in the search of the balance, often forgotten, between man and nature. Thanks to many activities which have all the same common purpose, love and respect for the environment and for all the living beings which populate it, we try to take care of the psycho-physical wellbeing of our guests, including nutrition: in fact our dishes are prepared with products coming from organic farming and raising, and following traditional recipes based on the traditions, on which not only our food is based, but above all our style of life.
The Farm uses old farmhouses built at the time of the draining of the Ente Maremma. At that time, lots of nearly 10 hectars with annexed buildings were granted to the families of farmers.
The restoration works have been made paying always attention not to spoil the rural nature of the buildings, and especially to keep the harmony with the surrounding coutryside. This is why our houses are particularly cosy and provided with all the comforts needed to make your stay so enjoyable.
The warm housings are built in stone and chestnut wood, furnished with poor art furniture.
The rooms have: an individuala entrance, a private bathroom and autonomous heating and aircondition system, plus tv, stereo set and mini bar. Each house has on the front a nice veranda where it's possible to sit outside, in the evening, to enjoy the view of the beautiful summer sunsets while drinking a good glass of our wine.
The refreshment rooms, taken care in detail, are a real museum of rural civilisation. Ancient working tools and old pictures, they tell moments of a life lived in the countryside, which make even more striking the tasting of typical dishes cooked by our grandparents' original recipes. A special of our restaurant is the housemade pasta.
To spend your free time at our farms means to set off in a charming travel between history, nature and traditions, allowing yourself a refreshing moment of psycho-physical well-being thanks to the numerous recreational activities we offer like: mountainbike tours, cooking classes, tracks on horseback and our famous product tastings.
Two hearts and a wonderful countryside. This is the idea which makes the young couples to spend their most beautiful day at the Poggio Nebbia farms; together with the confidence to find, deep in the green of the

maremma laziale

and surrounded by the warm embrace of farmers' hospitality, structures taken care even in the finest details and a great professionalism, which grant to the cerimony a sure success. Our farm is available to request your Bomboniere and place introducer using our products decorating them in an original and elegantly way.


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