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 Vendita prodotti tipici

"DI VITO FARM" is located in one of the most beautiful area of the Molise region, on the coastal hills of Campomarino, at an altitude of about 80 metres above sea level, 4 km from the sea.
Around 1000 trees (of cultivar Leccino, Gentile di Larino, Peranzana, Coratina, etc.) are grown in the farm, and since 20 years, olives have been milled in the farm's Oil Mill, which is also available to third parties.
Throughout the years, the processing facilities have moved from the traditional pressing system, to the two-phase continuous-cycle extraction, which improves the quality of the product and has enabled us to produce a light fruity fragranced oil, perfect for seasoning and cooking.

The oil is obtained from two predominant varieties, Leccino and Gentile di Larino, and other olives in minority such as Coratina and Peranzana.
The “Di Vito” Oil mill follows each stage of production with care, from the harvest to the ‘FRANTOIO’ (MILL), guaranteeing an high quality oil, with a clean defined taste.

Before proceeding to the extraction, the olives are separated from the leaves and impurities through the automatic aspiration machine, then they are washed with powerful water circulation that eliminates any resting impurities.
At this point the olives are ready to pass to the stage of oil extraction, using the procedure of centrifugalization which, taking advantage of the various specific weights of the single fruits, leads to the separation of the sansa (olive pulp), the vegetation water and the oleose components.

So we obtain an extravirgin olive oil, rich in natural substances like the aroma and anti-oxidants that allow a natural conservation of the oil, with a yellow-green color and a low acidity, with a taste from light fruity to middle fruity.

DI VITO FARM has an early production of approximately 40-50 thousand litres extra virgin olive oil, including PDO MOLISE and Organic Farming Oil. Additionally it also produces aromatic oils obtained by processing olives with oranges, lemons, chili peppers, rosemary, basil, according to the desired aroma. Extra virgin Olive Oil is sold in different sizes: 5 lt, 3 lt, 0,75 – 0,50 – 0,25 - 0,10 lt.

THE FARM offers guided tours with oil tasting and welcomes people with campers.

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