Casabassa - Certaldo
   Near Florence

   Morganti - Gubbio
   Near Perugia

 Ponte del Vegnuti
 Località Ceserano
 Tel. +39 010 3726849
 Mob. 349 3772462


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Local people say that about ten years ago in these parts a tall, powerfully built man with dark eyes used to wander about and was always followed by a wild looking cat…
The ruined hamlet dating back to 1200, the grass and the plants that wrapped themselves around the ruins, the dense surrounding wood, the sound of the stream just a few metres away all added up to give a sense of magic, almost as if suddenly one went back in time to glean the impalpable perception of the presence of the ancient wayfarers who, passing through here along the via Francigena, were heading for Santiago de Compostela…
The tall and powerfully built man, who moved among the ruins as if he were an ancient knight placed in a timeless space, immediately fell in love with this magic place.
Ten years have passed since then and he is still here, with a cat that follows him… always the same one! You can see them wandering around the cobblestone streets, passing by the swimming pool and stopping to admire the hamlet, now totally restructured, but with the features of a time, which give you the sensation of having gone back some centuries in time. So you move closer and spontaneously you have the urge to stroke that cat and realise that a smile has appeared on the face of that dark-eyed man …
As so, as if by magic, when we found ourselves in this wonderful place by chance, we too fell in love. Straight away.
Immerged in nature, just a short way from the history, the flavours and the energy that this place releases, we let ourselves be absorbed by its magic, crossing that bridge that opens up to the wonders of the Lunigiana and beyond which you immediately feel at home.
Ten years ago Ponte del Vegnuti was merely a carcass immerged in a piece of heaven… Today Ponte del Vegnuti has been reborn and is ready to welcome you to its comfortable and elegant structures.

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