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 Tenuta Zimarino Masseria Don Vincenzo
 Torre Sinello
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Already 2000 years ago the town was known and called Zimarino inhabited: they are witnesses in December 2004 the findings of another piece of ancient Histonium namely
"Part of the floor of what was once the villa of a wealthy farmer"
"In this area - (near the  Tenuta Zimarino Masseria Don Vincenzo) -, eight kilometers from the town of Vasto, the finding suggests just such a man 2000 years ago that he enjoyed life, explains Dr. Bracket - the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Chieti. The time is late at the end of the First Republic and the dawn of the imperial age. It 's a mosaic floor of an excellent bill: an area of ​​3.40 to 4 meters of clay - pesto, with pieces of black and white that create a geometric figure resembling a flower. All around, in the remainder of the perimeter of the mansion, one can observe a distinct floor "spice", a sign of technical experience gained by craftsmen Construction of time. "
The particular location of the seal in the middle of an expanse of green olive groves, vineyards and woods is going back in time and the magical feeling of living in an ancient dimension, without precise temporal connotations, as if time had stopped and had not importance. It 's really an extraordinary place, even magical, since it is included in the "Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci.
The pine trees that stand along the avenue that leads to the farm Tenuta Zimarino Masseria Don Vincenzo welcome you to this corner d 'Abruzzo where Nature has been left intact. Tenuta Zimarino Masseria Don Vincenzo offers many paths to take in a relaxing walk alone or with friends to discover the essence and peculiarities of the natural vegetation.
Who will not find us an intimate crowd, but where are the priority human relationship and contact with nature. You'll especially appreciate the almost unreal silence that allows total relaxation and contact with the rolling countryside of Abruzzo, the pure nature, wildlife and walking around in the olive groves in the nearby small villages set in the green and rich in art, culture , excellent food and typical products. Tenuta Zimarino Masseria Don Vincenzo is situated in an ecosystem where the location and the orographic nature of the terrain provide an ideal environment for the cultivation of olives. The nearby presence of the olive groves in the wood creates a microclimate where pesticide treatments are not necessary because 'it is natural to practice the techniques for the absence of biological pathogens and parasites and it follows the production of organic extra virgin olive oil of superior quality, 100 % Italian, high nutritional quality without resorting to any adjustment!
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Masseria Don Vincenzo is obtained from the following varieties of cultivars in our groves

    * Gentile di Chieti
    * Leccino
    * Moraiolo
    * Ascolana tender
    * Nebbio di Chieti
* Pendolino

Harvesting is done manually, run cold pressing of collection by 9am, leaving the oil to settle in a natural way to enhance the organoleptic characteristics. The oil is stored in steel silos under nitrogen control.
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Trascrizione fonetica



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